Professional Scientific, Technical and Literary Translations by Rachel Hutcheson

About Rachel

I am a professionally-trained German to English translator with a number of years of professional experience. I specialise in the translation of scientific, technical and literary documents due to my unique background.

Whereas many linguists shy away from the study of mathematics and science, I have excelled at both throughout my life. When choosing a degree to study at university, I was torn between my love of languages and my love of science. I ultimately studied langugages, graduating with a degree in German and Spanish with distinction in spoken German. However, I also studied a number of science modules at university to fuel my passion for these topics.

The fact I have studied astronomy, physics and mathematics at university level, combined with my masters degree in translation and my undergraduate degree in German and Spanish, makes me uniquely suited to undertaking German to English translations of scientific and technical documents. I also come from a family of engineers so you could say that understanding technical documents is in my blood!

A knowledge of the subject matter is essential to providing accurate and engaging translations and is something which should be carefully considered when choosing a translator to make your work available to speakers of other languages. Selecting a translator with a background knowledge of your area of expertise will result in the finished document containing the correct terminology and effectively engaging colleagues around the world.

The same general rule applies to the translation of literature. There is nothing worse than the book your poured hours of your life into not engaging the target audience because the translator was not suited to translating that particular genre. As a mother and a trainee speech and language therapist, I understand how to communicate with children and, therefore, specialise in the translation of children's literature. My portfolio of literary translations includes the English version of the picture book “Elisabeth” by Rudolf Schuppler.

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Services Offered

German > English Translation

English Audio Transcription


Astronomy & Physics

  • Academic articles
  • Popular science articles
  • Essays and books
  • Research proposals
  • Press releases

Technical Translations

  • Product manuals
  • Installation guides
  • Technical specifications


  • Childrens' literature
  • Rhyming works

Audio Transcription

  • Transcription of English languge audio content to text

I am commited to environmental conservation and will only print your documents if absolutely necessary. Any printed documents will be disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly way.